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Our Win

DCC exists to empower a movement of passionate Jesus followers… with the intention to see God’s heart displayed in our homes, in our communities, and in the nations in order to realize His plan and purpose: that people are transformed, living in community with one another, growing in faith and the knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our Story

DCC is a family of Jesus followers that has been meeting together in Grand Rapids, Michigan since September of 2012.  We are a diverse community of believers, offering a multi-generational environment, promoting connection and transformation in Christ with a focus on God's presence and being sent out to live "on mission", learning how to live out our identity in Christ every day.  

DCC is not officially attached to any other group or denomination, though we are very intentional about being an active part of the Church of Grand Rapids as well as the Church of Jesus Christ at large (both regionally and globally). Outside of our main gathering on Sunday mornings, we purpose to live in community together, building and maintaining strong, Christ-Centered relationships, gathering together at various time and locations, and supporting one another and our community as we are able.

Our Values

  • Family: When we look back to our origins, we find that the family was the first institution that God created for the purpose of carrying out His agenda on the earth.  As such, the Biblical design for marriage and family should be championed and upheld by those who are called by His name.  Furthermore, we see that the Church at large is a family of families, and that our church ought to model a healthy family in every way.

  • Presence: When God delivered His people from slavery in Egypt, Moses told the Lord that he had no interest in going to the promised land if God didn’t go with them.  The presence of God with His people was a demonstration of His goodness, His grace and His favor. We recognize that God is among us, speaking and working.  As we gather in His name, we look for opportunities to give Him space to have His way.

  • Identity:  Truly living in our identity in Christ is to agree with God's declaration over us and to align our perception of who we are with who He says we are in Him... by His grace, His life being activated in us and through us, causing us to noticeably live in ways contrary to the flesh, the world, and the powers of darkness, representing Him in the earth.

  • Transformation: God is in the business of making all things new.  The redemption that Christ secured was the beginning of a restorative process that continues today in each and every man, woman, and child who calls on Him as Savior and Lord.  But, this transformation is not meant to stop at the outer shell of our heart, soul, and mind.  Rather, it is meant to transform our relationships, our communities, even the world.

  • Sending:  After His resurrection, Christ commissioned the Church and sent them out with His authority to be His co-laborers, joining in the Kingdom business in every sphere of life.  We highly value being “sent” by Jesus and look for opportunities to join in this, as He leads for His glory – not just in “religious matters” but into every sphere of life and society.

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