teaching team

Kevan Grinwis

Kevan (along with his wife, Jamie) founded DCC in 2012 after having served the local church for over 10 years as a worship leader and pastor. He serves DCC as a part of the Senior Leadership Team, the Executive Team, and the Finance Team. Kevan is deeply passionate about music and all forms of worship and, as such, is honored to be a part of leading the Music Department along with his wife, Jamie, and a team of amazing people. He ministers to DCC in many ways both on Sundays and otherwise, from large groups to one on one, and as a part of the Teaching Team, cherishes every opportunity to encourage and inspire people to live in the fullness of sonship as imitators of Christ in everyday life.

Kris Chayer

Kris and his wife, Lisa, have been pillars at DCC for several years, serving in many roles. He is part of the Senior Leadership Team, the Executive Team, the Finance Team, and ministers frequently as part of the Teaching Team. Kris is dynamic and always encouraging as he purposes to lead people into a deeper truth of who they are in Christ and how to walk with Kingdom purpose in everyday life. Kris also works heavily with many of DCC's ministry leaders, encouraging, equipping, and empowering them, as well as working with couples (along-side his wife, Lisa) and individuals.  

Jamie Grinwis

Jamie (along with her husband, Kevan) founded DCC in 2012 after serving the local church in many ways for several years. She serves DCC as a part of the Senior Leadership Team and helps in a variety of areas. She is a gifted musician and a passionate worshipper, is a part of the Creative Team, and leads the Music Department along with her husband, Kevan, and a team of wonderful folks. As a part of the Teaching Team, she is engaging, honest, and challenging, always intentional about equipping men and women to live as their own authentic selves, following Christ, and growing in transformation.

Dan Grinwis

Dan (along with his wife, Barb) has been a part of DCC since it’s inception and was among the original group of founding elders. He is part of the Senior Leadership Team and is involved in leadership in many areas. He also supports the Deacon Team, as well as coordinating DCC's missions and benevolence efforts. As a part of the Teaching Team, he is a gifted theologian with an affinity for exegesis and biblical languages. He is always thought provoking and intentional about helping men and women understand the deep truths of our great God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

lisa chayer

Lisa and her husband, Kris, have been instrumental leaders at DCC for many years, blessing our church family in many ways. She is part of the Senior Leadership Team and also serves by leading our Women's Ministry (Radiant Women) along with a wonderful team of ladies. As a part of the Teaching Team, she is inspirational and engaging, with a deep love of the Scriptures and a fire for the things of the Spirit. In addition to being involved on Sunday mornings, she also frequently ministers to couples with her husband, Kris.


Mary Tobias

Mary is gifted with an amazing love for people and a desire to serve and help in any way necessary. She faithfully serves as an assistant for the Senior Leadership, Executive Team, and Finance Team and is the go-to person for many things, maintaining all of DCC’s financial recording and reporting as well as supporting other admin functions. She and her husband, Dave, also lead DCC’s Deacon Ministry, serving and ministering to the needs of individuals and families at DCC and beyond.

Jonathan menefee

Jonathan's primary role is to serve the operational needs of the church family. He leads and supports our staff, ministry leaders, and volunteers as well as the church’s administrative and facilities needs. He also functions as the Children’s and Youth Ministries Director, serving the needs of our children’s and youth ministries along with a team of amazing leaders. He is zealous for the things of God and has a deep love for the local church along with a desire to see it thrive in the way that Christ intends.

mickey krampitz

Mickey serves DCC in a variety of ways, but her primary role is in serving its administrative needs. She is a gifted administrator and has a fervent desire to make sure that all the right pieces are in all the right places. She is involved in many things like maintaining supply inventories, scheduling volunteers, fielding phone calls, updating calendars, coordinating event details, and so much more. She also serves in many other capacities like children’s ministry.

Caleb Denman

Caleb has a passion for using technology to help advance the Kingdom of God and draw people into deeper worship of Him. With over a decade of experience in live sound, touring, leading worship, and songwriting, Caleb works to incorporate sound, lighting, and video in ways that help keep us focused on the reason for our gatherings: to encounter Jesus Christ in life changing ways.

Senior leadership Team

The leadership of DCC functions based on the belief in a plurality of Elders. As such, our Senior Leadership Team is made up of a group of Elders (both men and women) who serve, lead, and pastor DCC together. Within that team, we maintain a non-hierarchal, de-centralized leadership structure, honoring the gifts that the Lord has deposited in each of us, and submitting to the Spirit of Christ in those with whom we serve. 

Kevan & Jamie Grinwis

Kris & Lisa Chayer

Tim & Amy Mannard

Dan & Barb Grinwis

Ben & Lori Craymer