The team is departing on Wednesday, April 3rd and returning Wednesday, April 19th.  Please keep them in your prayers.
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Frequently asked questions // dr mission 2024

Where are we going?
We will be going to Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. Which is in the mountains of the DR to work with Mission of Hope.

Who is Mission of Hope?
Mission of Hope is a missions organization that started over 20 years ago in Haiti. They exist to see life transformation for every man every man woman and child in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and across the Caribbean. New Life has been partnered with Mission of Hope since 2015.

Is it safe?
Yes! When we were searching for an organization to partner with, we wanted people we could trust with the teams we sent. Regardless of whether you are a family with young kids looking to go on a trip together, a high school student, or a bit older and traveling in your retirement years, it is going to be a safe environment. We trust Mission of Hope, they take excellent care of our teams and make sure we are always well taken care of.

What do we do on a trip?
Each trip can look a bit different and completely depends on the people who make up the team. We can do a medical trip and help bring medical care to those who don’t have that luxury. We can also do sports ministry, kids clubs, planting fruit trees, painting or construction projects, visiting orphanages, and ministering at churches. There are many options that we can customize to fit the desires and talents of the team.

What are the lodging options?
Housing is typically in bunk rooms, summer camp style. Guys will be in one big bunk room together and girls will be in their own bunk room together. Each bunk room usually has its own bathroom. If you are with your family or need special accommodations we can often arrange special family housing options as well.

What does the trip cost and what is included?
You should expect the cost to be about $2000. The trip is 7 nights and 8 days. The price includes airfare, lodging, food, airport transfers, and a fun end-of-trip excursion day. You may need a bit of extra money for food during our airport days and money for souvenirs.

Are there any required vaccines?
There are not any required vaccines, but you should ask your doctor for their recommendations. A few you may consider are Tetanus, HepA, HepB, Rabies, and Typhoid.

Do I need a passport?
Yes, you do! If you are even slightly interested we recommend you start your application for your passport right away. It can take several months to get a passport so please start early. We can’t buy you a plane ticket without a passport!

Can I drink the water?
You can’t drink water from the tap in the DR, but Mission Of Hope provides plenty of safe bottled drinking water to keep you hydrated during the trip.