Walking As A Disciple | Kris Chayer

Mar 20, 2022    Kris Chayer

March 20, 2022
Kris Chayer
Downtown Christian Church (DCC)

Living In Identity - Spring 2022 Small Group Series.

To live in our identity is to AGREE with God's declaration over us and to ALIGN our PERCEPTION of who we are with who He says we are in Him... by His grace, His life being ACTIVATED in us and through us, causing us to noticeably live in ways contrary to the flesh, the world, and the powers of darkness, RE-PRESENTING Him in the earth.

Kris continues our Spring Series, LIVING IN IDENTITY, with segment 5, entitled, "Walking As a Disciple --- Serving the Kingdom and Each Other ."

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Living In Identity - Walking As A Disciple | Kris Chayer | Downtown Christian Church

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